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My house
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I am living in a detached house in a small village, called Tomášov, near Bratislava for 16 years. We moved here when I was two months old.

Firstly I tell you something about its environment. There are fields full of sunflowers in summer and complete white land in winter and woods rich of trees and bushes. Daily life is silent. We have a big garden behind the house, in which is greenhouse. We have some trees in it, but they are quite young. We grow vegetables every year, so the land is exploited.

Secondly there are few main facts about the house. Its quite large, about one hundred square metres, it has two floors and cellar. In all rooms is wooden floor, except toilet, larder and bathroom. When you come from main entrance, you are in a hall. On the right side there are doors to the cellar, straight away is another corridor. From this room you can go straight to kitchen, right to toilet and larder, left to living room or through a staircase to upstairs which is on the right side. If you go upstairs there is a corridor with computer. Straight away is my bedroom, on the left is bathroom and on the right are bedrooms of my sister and parents.

At the end I describe you all the rooms. All three bedrooms are upstairs, which have approximately the same furniture and equipment: one bed (twin bed in my parents’ bedroom), a television, a table, a wardrobe and a glass cabinet. In our kitchen are many electronic appliances, such as a microwave oven, a mixer, a coffee maker, a slicer and an electric kettle. There is also a cooker and a stove. Toilet is normally equipped with a wash-basin, rugs, a towel and a toilet. The larder has shelves full of various foods. In the living room on the right side are another television and a table with four chairs. On the left side are two sofas, an armchair, a stool and a table in the middle of them. There are wardrobe and a big glass cabinet toward you, if you come from the corridor. The bathroom has a wash-basin, a bath and a washing machine.

If I sum it up I have everything what I want. It is a beautiful house, which I took a liking. I feel good at home so I hold up the adage “Home, sweet home”.
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