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My Housing
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I live in .................................... for all my life. I was born here. My town is a small town with ............. inhabitants. The town is divided into several quarters. The pert of the town where I live is called ......................... There are many blocks of flats and few family houses. There is also the oldest Roman – Catholic Church is the town and the post – office in the close neighbourhood. Shopping facilities are also available at ...............................

As I have said, I live in a block of flats, in the flat on the 7th floor. There are nine floors in total in each block of flats. On every floor there there are 3 flats. So together there are 27 flats in each blocks of flats. Our flat consists of 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Those 3 rooms mentioned are: bedroom of my parents, living room and room for me and my sister/brothers. If you wnt to get to our flat, you must walk up the stairs or you can use the elevator. Our door is just opposite to the elevator. We have a bell, so we know when someone wants to pay us a visit. When you enter our front door, you are in the hall. Hall is quite small. There are doors leaving to bathroom, toilet, kitchen, living room and bedroom. In the hall there are: one wardrobe, a large mirror, a shoe - box, some pictures and a key hanger. We don`t have a carpet there because it would be rather dirty than because of the dirty shoes.

In the bathroom and toilet there is the most usual equipment, f.e. many hygienic and cleaning products, towels, mirrors and so on. There is also washing maschine in bathroom. In the kitchen there is a fridge, a microwave, a sink , a store, a cupboard, a table, four chairs, large window and few kitchen cabinets. There are also many shelfs there. In the kitchen my mother prepares meals for our family. We usualy eat there all together.

From kitchen you can walk into living room. There are many things. We can find there: a bookcase, a table, four chairs, a sofa, a small table, a TV set, a dvd, a wardrobe, a many pictures on the walls. On the table there is a vase with artificial flowers in it. On the floor there is brown carpet. An furniture in living room is dark coloured. I like being in this room, especially laying on the sofa and watching TV or dvd.

My parents bedroom is just next to livingroom. There are big wardrobes, a table with mirror, few chest of drawers and a bed. The furniture is light – coloured, the white colour connected with light – blue colour. I don`t spent much time in this room. Just opposite to bedroom is a room belouging to me and my sisters/brothers. There are two working desks, two beds, two big wardrobes, a mirror, many posters on the walls all around, two chairs. Usually there is great mess and my mother allways tell me to tidy up. But I like the mess and I can find everything I need.

There are also shelfs on the walls and a bookcase, where we keep our books and exercise – books for school. In this room I spent the most of my time. From the window in my room I can see the basic school and other block of flats. I like watching out from window. There is also a cassette recorder and CD player in my room, which I use quite often.

I have been living in this flat for all my life. When I will have my own family, I would like to live also in the block of flats. It is more comfortable than living in a house, because you don`t have to work on it that often. Only one thing I would like to change about it, is the noise you sometimes hear in the block of flats.

I think everybody knows the situation, when a baby starts crying in the block of flats. All the neighbours are family members than and all wish the rest from the noise.

In general I`am content with the flat we live in and I don`t want to change anything about it.
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