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The story named Kidnapped is another book I have read from the Longman Picture Classics Edition. The book was written by Robert Louis Stevenson. It is a story about a boy called David Balfour who is seventeen years old.
David got a letter about his inheritance after David’s father had died. In that letter stood, that David had to find Mr. Ebenzer Balfour. Somebody said to David That Mr. Ebenzer Balfour was his uncle. David walked to find him. When he had come to the house called Shaws he found a very old, bad looking man there. The man was not recently happy to see David. Old man read the letter. He found out that the letter describes the inheritance that David should get. The inheritance was the house where Ebenzer Balfour lived. Ebenzer tried to kill David but fortunately he wasn’t successful. Mr. Ebenzer Balfour decided then, that the only person who could know anything more about David’s inheritance was Mr. Rankeillor. Mr. Rankeillor lived in Edinburgh. Ebenzer Balfour sent David by his friend’s ship to Edinburgh but he had paid to the captain of ship to kidnap David and sell him to America. David of course didn’t know about this. During the journey the captain of the ship took the seaman called Alan Stewart whose ship crashed. David and he became very good friends. After escaping from the ship they started to travel together. Alan was the great enemy of a king so they had to be careful. After all this journey Alan and David came to Edinburgh where they found Mr. Rankeillor. He helped to both Alan and also David. David got his inheritance, which was a big house - Shaws and Alan got to France.
I liked this book because of its interesting story. It was not only a boring speaking but the story had interesting idea. I would recommend this book to each of my schoolmates.
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