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Activity to play People goalkeeper Kits football shoe
to shoot the ball riht back socks
to foul left back shorts
to pass the ball centre back T - Shirts
to attack midfield players strip
to defend player strikers shank shelter
to cat the ball principal referee track - suit
to boot the ball second referee catchglove
to bung the ball third referee ball
to bung out the ball fourth referee whistle
to kick the volley coach wicket
to kick corner captain net
to kick penalty delegate player´s bench
to lob the player
to kick the free kick

Place stadium Rules field – (45m x 90m) separate to two parts
field time – 2 x 45 min + additional time
hall player – ten footballer in field and one goalkeeper
sixteen place goal – when the ball is with full capacity in net
fifth place play – the footbaler cann´t play without hands
corner result – win, lost draw
wicket substitation – team can only trebly substitate
net penalty – the referee has much ways how he can
penalty penalize team: free kick, corner, red or
middle circle yellow card to player
wicket line offside - the striker stay behind the later defender
tventy half circle corner - the ball is behind back line, two ways
for referee: kick corner
or boot the ball

Football This sport was originated in England. This sport is the most played game on the world, the extras say that everybody can the football as sport. The first match was played in 1876 in London. The first clubs were found in England for example Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United. In this game want the footballers give the ball to rival´s wicket. I have written that the football was originated in England, but the most succesfull team on world is Brazil. The Brazil´s national teem has already won the World cup ninety. I play football for village´s team. I love this game because I play for team not only for me. I can say that I´m
tam´s player. Our team isn´t the worst, but it isn´t the best, too. My personal number is
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