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Brunei versus Slovakia - Climate

Slovakia lies in a temperate zone, which is quite colder than equatorial zone (Brunei lies here) in which the climate is very hot. Difference between these two zones is also in number of seasons. Slovakia has two more seasons than Brunei because Slovakia is situated northern than Brunei. Slovakia has four seasons. Spring lasts from 23rd March to 20th June when in Brunei is dry period. Through summer, autumn and winter in Slovakia that begin on 21st June and end on 22nd March is in Brunei the wet period. The wet period in Brunei brings more precipitation than summer, autumn and winter together in Slovakia. The temperatures in Slovakia and Brunei are really different. Brunei has much higher temperatures because it lies in area where is the hottest temperature all over the world. In January Slovak average temperature is about 25°C less than in Brunei. In July is average temperature in Brunei only 7°C more than in Slovakia. In Brunei is difference between highest and lowest temperature maximum 5°C but in Slovakia it is about 15°C more. As I wrote, an average annual precipitation is incomparable but I will try to compare it. In Brunei, there is 8 times more average annual precipitation than in Slovakia. It means that if the precipitation like in Brunei had fell in Slovakia, the Danube would have been deep instead of 6 metres 48 metres. In Slovakia the annual precipitation is about 500 mm while in Brunei it is 4 000 mm. The high average temperature and precipitation is a reason of high average humidity. It means that in Brunei is much higher humidity and in Slovakia it’s only 77%. Winds are also very different. From December to March when in Slovakia blows mainly northeast wind which is dry and cold in Brunei Blows also the northeast monsoon called LANDAS but it brings much more precipitation. Word “monsoon” comes from Arabic mausin meaning season. The monsoons are the seasonal winds of southwest Asia which are associated particularly with India because of the great land mass. In the same time when southeast monsoon occurs around the remainder of the year from July to October, when in Slovakia blows southwest wind which brings more precipitation than northeast wind but still less than monsoons. .

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