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All students should learn more than one foreign language

It is proved, that the children, who have started to a foreign language from small on, have on average better marks form exams than their no lingual classmates. They have fewer problems with the concentration and even have no difficulty in their mother language as well. When the children can improve their knowledge through one learning a foreign language in their childhood, why should they resist the need to learn two foreign languages?

Even though, I personally like learning foreign languages, at least some of them. I started with the German language at the age of 11 and at the age of 13 with the English. I speak the German better then English, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like English. In deed, I would like to learn more from the English. This is also supported by the fact, that my favorite subject is informatics, especially programming, which official language is English.

The skills needed for the study of this subject are far form the ordinary. First and most important is, that you should have an amount of interest on this study, the logical and mathematical thinking are essential. This holds also at all other subject. If there is no will, there is no success.

However, we all study to reach something. In general it is the status which comes with the knowledge. We live in age of information’s and what else should you do when you want to survive than study. The primary aim of studying is to be a part of the society, and then it goes just for the career.

All in all, the world is getting closer together, and this possible because of the people that have the knowledge and can communicate between the sometimes so far countries.

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