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Schindler's list

The movie: Schindler's list

Thomas Keneally wrote the original book, The Schindler's list, and the screenplay for this movie was written by Steven Yaillian. Finally in the year 1993 Steven Spielberg filmed this great story like a movie, which won seven Oscars and three Golden Globes. This movie has already been categorized in the cinema archives forever.
The story tells the audience about Jewish people and their lives during World War II. The director has given a special view on this part of Jewish history, their terrible life, cruel treatment and their death in the Polish ghetto and also in the concentration camp in Auschwitz.
Liam NEESON, a cruel German businessman at the beginning, who wanted to earn a lot of money by employing Jewish workers, which were the cheapest in his factory, plays the leading role, Oscar Schindler. With time, he was becoming more and more sensitive and he was trying to save a lot of Jews. He wanted to redeem them from Nazi Amon Goeth (Ralph FIENNES) and each Jew’s name was written on Schindler’s list. With this style he spent all his money for their lives, but he redeemed and saved about 1100 Jews.
In my opinion, this film is very realistic. The movie was filmed only in black and white, which gives the film a very interesting atmosphere, but there is one strong moment, when a little girl runs straight into the ruins of buildings dressed in red jacket and later this girl lies dead on the cart on the top of the dead bodies. This film contains so much violence, like the Second World War did.
On the other hand there is one moment, I think, that this film is too overdone, for example when Nazi Amon Goeth comes to the balcony in the morning and starts to shoot five Jewish people just for fun.
I think that the director, Steven Spielberg is warranty of the excellent quality of movie, camera, and this is the one film, which you have to see !

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