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Dave Grohl was born on 14th January 1969 and grew up in a Washington D.C. suburb called Springfield, Virginia. He learned to play drums on pillows in his room. Dave played in many groups in high school. Some were: Freak Baby, Mission Impossible and Dain Bramage. He later got the chance to join the group Scream, one of his most favorite bands. Dave dropped out of school at the age of 17 to tour full time. He stayed with Scream until they broke up in 1990. While in L.A., the bassist from Scream bailed on the band, leaving Dave stranded. He called Buzz Osborne of the Melvins. Buzz paid for Dave's move to Seattle in September of 1990 where he joined a band called Nirvana. He had been writing songs but soon realized that there wasn't much room for his songs in this new band. Dave had replaced drummer Chad Channing in the band. Dave remained with Nirvana until the suicide of front man Kurt Cobain. Sad and depressed, Dave Grohl didn't think he could go on in music. After a phone call from another Seattle band that was the victim of the same occurance, Dave decided to record all his songs. In a space of six days, he recorded all the instruments, except one guitar solo by friend Greg Dulli, starting from the drums up. After he recorded these songs, he released the album and called his new creation the FOO FIGHTERS (their big hit was for example “Learn to fly”). Recently, Dave and his wife, Jennifer Youngblood, have split and a divorce is pending.

Krist Anthony Novoselic (the name means "new settler" in Croatian) was born on May 16th, 1965, in Compton, California. His parents, Krist and Maria, were Croatian immigrants. In the 1979 he and his family moved to Aberdeen, where also Kurt was living. Chris was into bands like Led Zeppelin, Devo, Black Sabbath and Aerosmith. He had some people to hang out with, but he was hard pressed to call them friends. He finally got a job at the local Taco Bell and threw himself into work. By senior year of high school, he had bought a car, some stereo speakers, and a guitar. Around this time Chris's brother Robert brought his friend Kurt Cobain over to the Novoselic house. When Kurt asked about the racket emanating from the upstairs stereo, Robert replied, "Oh, that’s my brother Chris, he listens to punk rock." One day during his senior year in high school, he had been walking behind two junior girls in the hall who were raving about the album Never Mind the Bollocks from the Sex Pistols. "Yeah, they're really great!" he piped up. Shellie remembered him as a "class clown-type guy, always joking." They talked a little and made friends. She got his phone number and started calling him up. By March 1985, they had started hanging out as friends at Shellie’s apartment, listening to punk rock records and going to shows. Soon they started going out. Today is Krist playing in groups SWEET 75 and GUS. Btw. it was he, who announced that they’d never find Kurt’s replacement and in ´94 they dissolved NIRVANA.
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