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My plans to the future
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I don´t know, what I´ll do in future. Now I´m sitting at school and writting an essay about my plans to the future. In this summer I´m going to spend my holiday somewhere in world, maybe Greece or Mexico. Then I´m going to go with my friends whenever, where is water and beer. After secondary commercial school I might go the university, maybe Harvard or Personal management in Žilina, who knows? Then I´m going to earn some money. I might find a job, which myself will be
entertain. I´d like to work in management in big company or I´d like to have my own business. Who knows, I might win a lottery, maybe 200 milion $.I´m going to find a good, nice and intelligent wife and fall in love. She must know what she want. With her I would have least two children, might boy and girl. With her and our
children I might live abroad, maybe in United States of America, Australia or New Zealand. In work I´ll be very successful and exalted. My children will attend
best private school in the world. They might succeed me in my footsteps. They might be successful as I. In persionaty age I might take kingly revenue. But this is only planes and I´m now only in secondary commercial school and all life is before me. Who knows, maybe my planes become real ???
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