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Has been grown for over five thousands years in places as far apart as Mexico, China, Egypt, and India. It was first planted in America in 1607. Before 1800 cotton
was a great luxury, more expensive than silk, because so many workers were needed to pick it. However, a huge increanse in the number of slaves in the Americans South resulted in much greater cotton production and a fall in the price. This, and the new technology of the industrial revolution , made cotton the cheapest fabric in history. By 1820 cotton was making more money for the USA than tobacco, and more money worldwide than sugar. The American Civil war of 1861 – 1865 was fought because the Southerm States wanted to form a separate country, so that they could continue to keep slaves on their cotton plantations. Slavery was banned in the Northern States in 1808. 500,000 soldiers were Killed in the war.

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