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What Is Punk?
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What Is Punk?
Although many artists before them can be credited with paving the way, it was the Ramones' debut in 1976 that solidified the existence of punk. The group's ramshackle image, fast rhythms, and complete lack of musical prowess made them a refreshing change from the often-overproduced (and overwrought) sounds of so much '70s rock. The Ramones' trip to England is said to have ignited the Sex Pistols into action; the Pistols took a more aggressive and nihilistic approach and spawned an equally fervent scene. With new generations of disaffected youth, punk's popularity hasn't waned a bit. In the mid-'90s, bands such as Green Day, the Offspring, and No Doubt brought their updated versions of the music into the pop mainstream.
Notable Artists: the Clash, the Buzzcocks, Blondie, Television
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