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The latter song hit an instant chord with many young Americans, helping Infest climb into the US Top 5.

(Papa Roach)

In first place in the charts is Crazy Town with their debut song:Butterfly.I wish you enjoy my rewiev to Crazy Town.If you like you can go visit theyr
This side is rely cool.I get from there all theyr bio and pictures.I have a nev album from them.
Here are some pictures.Enjoi it!

(This is their front side from theyr new album)
Here are the songs from their album:
1 Intro
2 Toxic
3 Think Fast
4 Darkside
5 Black Cloud
6 Butterfly
7 Only when im Drunk
8 Hollywood Babylon
9 Face The Music
10 Lollipop Porn
11 Revolving Door
12 Players
13 B_Boy 2000
14 Outro

Here is some more info about band some bio,pictures.

The Gift of Game

With the urban squalor of South Central just minutes away from the glamour and glitz of Beverly Hills, the Los Angeles metropolitan area is easily one of the most dynamic and volatile socio-cultural environments on the planet. Therefore, it really should come as no surprise that this location would produce some of the most explosive amd stylistically synergistic music of the modern era.

Crazy Town, a seven-man band based in the City of Angels, redirects the course of modern music with The Gift of Game, their debut album on Columbia Records. Spearheaded by lyricists/vocalists/producers Shifty Shellshock and Epic Mazur, who've been key behind-the-scenes players on the L.A. rap scene for the past eight years, Crazy Town masterfully combines hip-hop's lyrical attitude and rhythmic sass with the sonic musculature of live rock instrumentation.

"It was my calling in life," Shifty says of forming Crazy Town. "I grew up listening to hip-hop and punk rock. Crazy Town is like an X-rated Dennis The Menace. We wanted to paint a picture of what's going on with kids today. I wanted to incorporate rap and rock like it had never been done before. No matter what kind of music you liked, I wanted you to enjoy something about it."

"I don't know what you would classify our music as," Epic adds. "Sometimes you may think it's purely rock, sometimes just hip-hop. But listening to the whole album, we're expressing whatever kind of music through a hip-hop mentality. We're some hip-hop kids that needed to rock, rather than some rock kids that needed to rap."

Produced by close friend Josh Abraham (Orgy, Coal Chamber) and Epic The Gift of Game features audio H-bombs like "Little Black Cloud" -- with Jay Gordon from scene mates Orgy -- and "Dark Side." The latter was the last song recorded for the album, yet it masterfully states the musical alchemy that is Crazy Town. An aggressive tune delivered by pulsing guitars, boasting snarling vocals, "Dark Side" contains both the twisted musical and lyrical punch that is the group's signature.

"The beat is banging and by the time it gets to the chorus, you don't notice the change," Epic says. "All of the sudden your head is banging up against the fucking wall." "Everybody has their dark side," Shifty chimes in regarding the sinister twist of the lyrics, "whether they want to admit it or not."

Then there's the first single "Toxic," a fittingly abrasive tune, effectively the Crazy Town theme song summing up the organized confusion of the band's aural assault. "'Toxic' describes Crazy Town because our sound is toxic," Shifty relates. "It gets inside of you and its radioactive.
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