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We're loud and obnoxious."

"Butterfly" is an ode to the one special woman every man hopes to have by his side someday, while "Revolving Door" is about getting down with as many honeys as you can in the meantime while you're still looking for Ms. Right.

Crazy Town's lyrics recount the temptations and the trials people go through during life. The group analyzes the choices each one of us faces every day and the twists of fate these decisions precipitate that lead us either to success or failure.

"Do what you want to do," Epic says. "Go out with that girl, do that drug, go to that place. Just realize that you're going to have to deal with the aftermath. Crazy Town has been known to chew people up and spit them out. If you don't know how to navigate yourself through it, you will die."

Helping put across the Crazy Town message on The Gift of Game are special guests hip hop prophet KRS-One , dancehall toastmaster extraordinaire Mad Lion and Dirty Unit ("Think Fast"). A friend of the group had dropped by while they were recording, liked what he heard and immediately called up Lion, holding up his cell phone so the Mad one could hear what was going on in the studio. Quickly, the latter offered his services as toaster on "Hollywood Babylon." When he finished the track, he took a tape home and played it for KRS-One who was suitably impressed and in turn volunteered his services as well for "B-Boy 2000." This was a dream come true for Shifty and Epic as dyed-in-the-wool hip hop heads!

Shifty and Epic grew up listening to N.W.A, Cypress Hill and Ice-T as well as alternative rock bands like The Cure in Southern California. Shifty (who claims to be "like Sid Vicious, Kurt Cobain and Biggie Smalls all trapped in one body") routinely skipped out on his various music lessons, but when he came across a copy of the Beastie Boy's Licensed To Ill while in Mexico, he saw a fresh side of hip-hop that proved inspirational and he began making demo recordings on his own.

Meanwhile, Epic, whose family is originally from New York went to high school in Cali with Ice Cube, Divine Styler, Everlast and House of Pain's Danny Boy. He started making beats and cutting tracks early on, and wound up providing music for MC Serch of 3rd Bass' solo record.

It wasn't until Shifty and Epic hooked up that they either felt they could really pursue careers as professional musicians. Initially coming together as the Brimstone Sluggers about six years ago, the pair recorded plenty of music, but never completed a full album of their own because they kept getting involved contributing to with other hip hoppers' projects i.e.
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