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Divine Styler and what would later become Black Eyed Peas.

Finally, Shifty and Epic decided that all of their respective outside ventures would cease and they would concentrate on their own special vision: a hip hop band featuring a full instrumental line-up to complement their rapping group. Recruiting Faydoedeelay (bass), Rust Epique (guitar), Trouble Valli (guitar), DJ AM (turntables) and JBJ (drums), Crazy Town was born with roots in classic rap-rock miscegenation ike Run DMC's "Rock Box," Public Enemy and Anthrax's collaborative "Bring Tha Noize," etc.

"Our parents listened to rock and we grew up listening to hip-hop," Shifty says. "We're part of a new generation of kids who really have an appreciation for all kinds of music and they're all being pushed together."

Yeah, into one Crazy Town.

This page is about concerts and people in nmusic what they do where we can see them and a lot mor.Here in Slovakia we cant see many concerts but if you go tu U.S.A.This page should help you a lot.
Madonna Taking Music On The Road.

For the first time in eight years, the queen of pop is going on tour.

Madonna announced on Monday (April 16) the 18 dates of an international outing that will launch June 5 in Cologne, Germany, and end September 9 in Los Angeles.

Dubbed the Drowned World Tour, the trek will be the most extravagant stage spectacle of the singer's illustrious career, according to Madonna's spokesperson.

Madonna will be promoting last year's neo-cowgirl endeavor Music, which includes the title track and the current single, "What It Feels Like for a Girl", though organizers promise plenty of past hits, which range from the sugary pop of "Like a Virgin" to the dirty disco of "Ray of Light."

The tour will cross Europe before heading to the United States, where it will hit major venues such as New York City's Madison Square Garden and Chicago's United Center.

Madonna last toured on 1993's Girlie Show to support her controversial Erotica album.
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