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After the collegiate trek winds down April 28 at the State University of New York in Binghamton, Shaggy will revisit Europe to continue touting the virtues of the multiplatinum Hotshot, which continues its near four-month residency in the top 10 of Billboard's albums chart, landing this week at #4 and selling more than 5 million copies to date, according to SoundScan.

Shaggy returns Stateside in June to join the Backstreet Boys' summer tour, which kicks off June 8 in Orlando, Florida. Shaggy's college tour, according to his publicist:
· 4/18 - Pittsburgh, PA @ University of Pittsburgh
· 4/19 - University Park, PA @ Penn State University
· 4/20 - Lewisburg, PA @ Bucknell University
· 4/22 - Kingston, RI @ University of Rhode Island
· 4/24 - Wellesley, PA @ Wellesley College
· 4/25 - Wilmington, DE @ Kahuna Concert Hall
· 4/27 - Loudenville, NY @ Sienna College
4/28 - Binghamton, NY @ SUNY Binghamton

In this section are talents of the year and theyr bio.

First band is Ramstein.Its german band.They just give out their brend new album calle Mutter.
Here is picture from the front side of CD.

Here are the songs from the new album I realy like them all.
01 Mein Herz Brennt 4:39
02 Links 2 3 4 3:36
03 Sonne 4:32
04 Ich Will 3:37
05 Feuer Frei! 3:08
06 Mutter 4:28
07 Spieluhr 4:46
08 Zwitter 4:17
09 Rein Raus 3:09
10 Adios 3:48
11 Nebel 7:54

Our second band is Limp Bizkit.I thin everybody hear of this popular rap band.They Have an oldnew album called Chocolate Starfish and Hot Dog flavoured water.Huh its realy nasty .
Here is some bio:
Bring it on…
With Chocolate St*rfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water, the Limp Bizkit five-man assault crew bring it on like it never has before. With over 13 tracks – including one that’s so phat it had to be presented in two different versions in order to fit everything in – the quintet from Jacksonville, FL, that’s spent the past four years turning the rock world on its head and spinning it round and round is back with its third album, a set of songs that’s deeper, denser and harder hitting than anything that’s preceded it. “It’s kind of a combination,” explains Wes Borland, the guitarist of many faces. “It’s a third level as a combination of Significant Other and Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$, kind of the heaviness of Three Dollar Bill, Y’all$ but more mature and focused in a better way.”

Adds drummer John Otto, “It’s us with different edges.”

On Chocolate St*rfish, those edges are the product of growth, maturity, and the confidence that comes from being one of the world’s most distinctive, popular, and, when necessary, controversial bands. “People are aftaid of this band,” says Borland, who makes that observation with a certain degree of pride.
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