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Formal letter

Budapeštianska, 2, Košice, 04013
26 of october 2004

Dear Mister McDonald,

I am writing this request, because I learned, that you have got a position on your school. This offer is very interesting for me. I want to announce to your school, and I want to study the human science.
My name is Peter Popovič . I come from Slovakia. I study on grammar school Milan Rastislav Štefánik on Ladislav Novomestský square in Košice. I live in Budapeštianska street two. I have got two brothers and one sister. I have many hobbies. I am a good sportsman. I do almost all sports. I like snowboarding, play hockey and fotball. I like to play biliard and go out with my friends. I read good books, especially westerns. I am also a big aquarist . I behave many special fishes, from the bigest to till the smallest. I like going to the school. I almost like humanistic science, especially history and Slovak language. I don`t like maths, chemistry and physics. I like also languages, especially French language.I enclose a photo and a brief CV as requested.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours desirable
                                                Peter Popovič

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