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The Guitar trip
It was yesterday afternoon. I was watching TV and I felt so glad because my favourite sport was hockey. I watched a popular hockey match Kosice between Zvolen from play off series, when a new mobile phone was ringing. He called my older brother and he spoke about a great guitar trip to hill Bankov. I was switch off so important hockey match in the midlle and guitar trip was really starting. We went on this hill slowly because we was tired. My older brother had very old guitar with six string´s and my guitar also had same amount string´s. Then we were on the top hill about us was shag wood. We were plaing many famous also strange songs together from diffrent style for example classic, pop, rock, jazz , heavy metal, rage. This final effect was actually total amazing. It was great fun. Suddenly was beside me a few drunk men. They wanted to sing but this wasn´t good idea .They were terrible and so we send away they. Then we were continue with playing until midnight.
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