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Slovakia's education
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Slovakia is situated in the centre of the Europe. There isn’t any sea, but there are many lakes, mountains and rivers. The highest and the most famous are High Tatras. Many tourists go there for skiing and recreation.
The biggest river is Dunaj, the longest is Váh. Near these rivers and many other rivers are lakes. In the summer people go there for swimming and sun-shining. But many people prefare going to a sea.
We also have many historic remains, besause in history there was many nationalites e. g. Hungarian, Russian, German, Rumunian, Turkish ... Castles built only on high hills because they wanted to see theire unfriends. Many of these castles are nowadays visited with tourists.
In Slovakia everyone must have some aducation. Every child berween 6 and 7 years old (sometimes early or later) must go to the school. Our school system is didived into primary school, secundary school and high school. Secondary and high schools are divided into private and public. Primary school finish after nine years. He may starts school at six or seven years old. In first class teachers learn children writing, reading and counting. In first class they have four or five hours a day. But in second, third and fourth they have four, five or six hours a day. Theire subjects are Maths, Slovak language, Art, Reading, Music, PE, easy Geography, History and Biology and many other subjects. Classes from first to fourth are called infant. After fourth class child can go to a comprehensive school, which takes eight years and finishes with final exam – maturity, or they continue in primary school. Classes from fifth to nineth are called junior. In these classes teachers learn them special subjects e. g. Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Biology, Languages, Computer studies ... At the end of primary school usually in May childrens have the exams to a secondary school.
The secondary school is divided into comprehensive school, special school and academies and the other schools. There are very special predmets, e. g. in hotel academy there is subject of cooking, in Commercial academy there is subject of type-wriring. It usually takes four years. At the end of this school is maturity and the exams to a high school. When you fall maturity you must do it in the other days, e. g. in September.
The high school is the highest kind of school which you may do. But you can do more than one high school.
There are many differences between primary, secondary and high school. E. g. on primary and secondary school at the end of semester they give you a report but on high school they don’t give you report.
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