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Robots. What do you think? What the robots are? Maybe you know that word “robot” made Karel Čapek in his work R.U.R{rosum`s universal robots}. But he thought a machine which looks like human and which is created by human. Yes it’s true but we think that robot should be something what something do and the most important part is that it do it by itself {it doesn’t mean that it want do it}. we tried to find definition of robot but all was really strange so we tried to describe it by my own. At present there are lot of kind of robot so we think we can divide robots to....

Robots with A.I. – artificial intelligence

John McCarthy thinks that: “It is the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs. It is related to the similar task of using computers to understand human intelligence.”

A.I. try to “learn” robots what they have to if... Good example of this are military robots and humanoids, too. So, slowly but we are here. We can divide robots with A.I. to two categories: humanoids and robots with A.I.(:}) which contains military robots, toys(they aren’t really toys but..) etc.


“Like never before, technology can bring imagination to life. We are promised by film, fiction and television that humanoids will cook for us, clean for us, become our best friends, teach our children, and even fall in love with us. Robots that can incrementally acquire new knowledge from autonomous interactions with the environment will accomplish tasks by means their designers did not explicitly implement, and will adapt to unanticipated circumstances of unstructured environments,” said David Bruemmer (phone no. 208-526-4078)

Simply, these are robots, which look like human make things like human.
Because of this they are called humanoids:). So as we said before these robots are in group of “thinking” machines but everywhere are exceptions. Probably the most famous humanoid is Asimo (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility). “From Honda Motor Co .comes a new small, lightweight humanoid robot named ASIMO that is able to walk in a manner which closely resembles that of a human being. "ASIMO" is a further evolved version of P3 in an endearing people-friendly size which enables it to actually perform tasks within the realm of a human living environment. It also walks in a smooth fashion which closely resembles that of a human being. The range of movement of its arms has been significantly increased and it can now be operated by a new portable controller for improved ease of operation,” said to us manager of Science and Research of Honda Co.

A.I. robots

Only shortly. These robots are mostly military robots as spy planes, guarders, defenders and toys. Some news:

Biomechanical A.I. bugs
They're Bio-mechanical Integrated Organisms -- a new breed of artificial intelligence!
Take command of the B.I.O. Bugs using the hand controller, or just leave them to roam independently. The longer a B.I.O. Bug stays alive, the more they learn from exploration and interaction. £40.00

Cybernetic scorpion

Snapping pinchers, whipping tail action, full body armored shell.
Cyber Spider the fully remote controllable mechanoid arachnid. People who don’t like spiders probably will be terrified.

Robots-house helpers

I think it’s quite hard find somebody who have for example “cyber spider”
but probably everyone have mixer or squeezer or microwave oven. Maybe you think that this “kind” of robot is different and that it isn’t a robot but as I said at the beginning it depends on definition of robot.

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