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Family and Home
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Family life is different in every country. I would tell about family life in Slovakia, England and America. In our country, family does lots things together. Kinship family meets at various anniversaries. Most often they celebrate birthday. At this occasion all members of family come together and the guests bring presents, flowers, candy and other gifts. Life in a village is different as life in a city. In a village people live an obsolete way of life. In a village people are more churchgoer and according to that they raise their children. The most significant difference in family life in the past and now is different position of a woman in a family. In the past, housekeeper was always a man and divorce was forbidden, especially for religious reasons. And in past parents often castigated their children. More family members lived in a house as in present. Modern families discuss problems more and try to solve them. The parents don’t grow up their children by old habits, but by psychological observation. Modern families are much more concerned with the quality of life and they plan the size of their family carefully according to their financial situation.

There have been many changes in the life-style of the British family over the last decades. In the traditional British family, several generations from grandparents to grandchildren lived together under one roof. Today only, the parents and dependent children live in the same house. The grandparents and independent children live apart. Most of British children attend state schools. If their school is several miles from their home, a special bus picks them up every day. An average American family lives in a private house or in an apartment, has one or more phones, cable TV, stereo, a videocassette recorder. Members of the family share duties around the house. It is a typical custom to teach children independence from an early age. The car is a necessity and each adult member of a typical American family has own car. Most of Americans drive to work and high school students or college’s students to school. Americans like travelling and they often drive long distances through the country, especially during holidays to visit their friends and relatives. During holidays and special occasions, Americans like to eat outdoors with family or friends and have picnics and barbecues.

I think that family, real home and our relatives is what we need for a full-value life. They always help us when we need them, we never feel alone, because we fashion them.
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