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Australian Animals
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Kangaroos and wallabies (smaller relatives of the kangaroo) have found an enemy in humans. They are killed for their fur and their meat is used for pet food. It is because they are threat for farmers lands. Farmers hate them, because they don’t hesitate to jump onto their cars, which look like after a collision. The female has a pouch in which the young ones are carried. The red kangaroo is the biggest one. An adult can measure 2.4 metres high. They can jump more than four metres and travel at 70 kilometres an hour.

The emu is a two metres tall bird that isn’t able to fly, but it runs well. It can even run at 50 kilometres an hour.

Together with the platypus, they are monotremes. It lives wherever termites, their main food, can be found. It also eats ants, which it catches with its long tongue. It has a long hairless snout is amazingly sensitive organ, used to search for food, detect danger and locate other echidnas.

Water rat
We can see it now in Sydney harbour because the quality of water has improved. There are more of aquatic insects and fish. The rats feed on.

Frill-necked lizard
It was the symbol of the Sydney Paralympics. It can scar off even large predators with its fanned-out display. The show is all bluff. This reptile is harmless.

Yellow-bellied glider
Gliding possums fly from one tree to another on a sheet of skin, which stretches, between their forepaws and ankles, using their long furry tails as rudders. It can travel over 100 metres in one leap.

Green and golden bell frog
As its name suggests, its upper body is vivid green and almost metallic gold. Its croak can be hardly described but it is said that the sound is like a motorbike changing the gears. Earlier there were many of these frogs but now they are only isolated populations. Now it lives for instance near the Sydney Olympic site in Homebush

Little penguin
Smallest of all penguins, the little or fairy penguin grows to 45 cm tall. The only one colony of these flightless seabirds is in Sydney port.
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