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The Catcher in the Rye
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- Holden’s 10 years old sister who he loves very much because she represents all that is not phony in the world;
- she represents all what is pure and innocent
- she is very nice and smart; she loves his brother and is ready to go with him anywhere
- she is able to articulate Holden’s beliefs better than he can himself

- Holden’s beloved brother who died of leukemia before the story began - he also represents all that is genuine and not phony
- Holden sees him as the role model of the perfect human because he was nice to everyone he ever met

- Holden’s older brother who has sold out to Hollywood as a prostitute    - he’s also a phony
- Holden admires him in a way but not nearly as much as he admires Allie

-  Holden’s mother and father represent what he considers phony
- he never has a conversation with them throughout the book and tries to avoid them as much as possible

Mr. Spencer
- Holden’s history teacher who he admires and then feels sorry for after he visits him at his home; Holden realizes that Mr. Spencer is just a pathetic old man who he can no longer relate to

Mr. Antolini:
- Holden’s English teacher who respects and believes he can always turn to for help
- he discovers that he is homosexual; this serves to further confuse Holden

- friend from Pencey Prep.
- described as a pimply guy who never goes out and has few friends
- he has pimples and ugly personality
- Holden feels sorry for him and is nice to him though he really doesn’t like him much
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