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The Catcher in the Rye
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- Holden’s Prencey Prep. roommate
- when Holden questions Stradlater about having sex with Jane Gallagher, he punches Holden
- he is very handsome and well-built
- he is phony and conceited

Sally Hayes:
- a good-looking unintelligent girl who Holden goes to a play with
- she repesents middle class values about success and happiness

Jane Galangher:
- Holden’s childhood friend who always kept here kings in the back row in checkers

Author’s style:

- informal
- author uses spoken language with huge amount of slang expressions
- language of teenagers
- the story is told in I-narration
- the novel is divided into 26 numbered chapters connected by the main characters

- the struggle between two generations (teenagers and adults)
- the loss of illusions of young people
- the contrast between innocence and hypocricy

Subject matter:
- the main problem is whether young people should chose their own future according to their wishes and experience all the obstacles that would be brought by this decision, or just blindly follow the rules given by the older generation.
- view of a world of a teenage boy Holden Caulfield who thinks that the world is a place where the most valuable human qualities such as love, kindness (emotions) have been replaced by the success based on ambitions, power and money
- the problem whether young people should choose their own life according to their wishes
- Holden constantly feels betrayed, and that is a possible cause of his problems: 
* Mr. Spencer betrays him- he was one of the few teachers at Pency that Holden liked; Spencer broke the news of Holden's expulsion, and Holden felt betrayed 
* Stradlater betrays Holden by dating his best friend, Jane, whom Holden also had a crush on 
* when Holden returns home to see Phoebe, she is disappointed in him that he failed out of Pency; he thinks that she should accept him unconditionally, so he feels betrayed
- Holden is alienated from society; he feels that no one understands him and that everyone is a "phony"; he thinks that no one is honest, and everybody wants to be something else; he feels that the only person who understands him is Phoebe; he does not have relationships with girls, or anyone because he feels that he is the only genuine person in the world

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