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Descriptive essay: Place that has special meaning to me
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My grandfather had a celebration of his seventy-fiveth birthday last weekend. It took place in his and grandmother´s house. While we were eating dinner in the kitchen, I realized it is the place which is very close to my heart. It does not matter if I am in a bad or good mood, I like to be there. The kitchen has special meaning to me because of its furnishings, atmosphere and memories.

First, I like my grandparent´s kitchen because of its furnishings. The kitchen is big and it is painted with various shades of purple. It is because my grandmother likes purple and she always tries to put some purple accessories in every room. The floor is made of wooden parkets and the walls are light purple. When I am in the kitchen I always admire its tasteful details and decorations. The carpet, which is light purple, lays only under the table. The wooden table with six chairs is on the left side directly next to the kitchen´s door. The chairs´ seats are also purple. Next to the table is a glass and kitchen utensils case. On the right side of the kitchen is a big window with purple drapes. Under the window is a radiator. A cupboard is along the front wall. It is made of wood with a lot of drawers and cases for kitchen appliances. It is because my grandmother has a lot of tools which she uses during cooking and baking. There is also a stainless steel sink in the middle of the cupboard. Next to the cupboard is a white dishwasher and a cooker. Grandmother really needs a dishwasher because we are a family with a lot of members, so we always leave a huge hill of dirty dishes on the table. On the right side of the cupboard is a white refrigerator which is always full of delicious food. All in all, when I am standing in the kitchen, I always admire grandmother´s good taste in furnishing her house.

Second, my grandparents´ kitchen has special meaning to me because of its atmosphere. My grandmother likes cooking very much and she cooks very delicious meals. When I come to visit her and grandfather with the other part of the family, they are always ready to offer their specialities. We sit on the comfortable chairs and smell pleasant smell. Moreover, during eating they say funny stories from their lives. Last weekend grandfather mentioned the time when he and grandmother were engaged. When grandfather´s exgirlfriend realized they were engaged, she was very angry and jealous of my grandmother. So, she poured a bucket of cold water on my grandmother´s head while she was walking under her balcony. When grandfather was telling the story, we laughed we were almost choked of our food because he is a very good storyteller. He mentioned every detail from that strange incident. Then we started to tell jokes about weddings. The relaxed atmosphere made me feel at ease. In sum, the atmosphere in the kitchen is unbelievable.

Memories from my childhood is the last reason why I love my grandparents´ kitchen. I have a lot of stories united with that kitchen. When I am there, I always remember the time from my childhood. My friends and I played various games in the kitchen because it is the biggest room in the house. Also, my grandparents liked when we were playing there because they had us under control. But it usually did not work. A example, my parents, aunt and uncle were helping to paint it. During painting my brother, cousin and I were chasing each other. My brother kicked a paint can and poured it on the floor. It was funny for us, but not for our parents and grandparents. A next story happened when my cousins and I were around five years old. We played a game with slippers. We tried to throw slippers as far as it was possible, but we stopped to play this game forever when we broke a window and a lamp. Our grandmother was very angry at us, but now when somebody mentions this story, she and we are laughing. Other funny story is about my cousin who stepped into a cake which was chilling next to the cooker and my brother who poured a sack of poppy seeds on the floor, while he was pretending it was a bag of money. All in all, I like the kitchen because I have a lot of memories of my childhood.
In conclusion, I enjoy my grandparents´ kitchen. It is the place that have special meaning to me because of its decorations, comfort and funny stories from my childhood. The kitchen is very close to my heart because I always feel family contentment there. This place arouses quietness and I hope it will never change.
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