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Descriptive essay: The best escape
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Every human being needs a place where he/she can hide when he/she has a bad day. This place must have some criteria which are suitable for each person. When I am in a bad mood, I need music, relax, reading, dancing and other activities. Thus, the place I go to when I want to escape the world is my room. My room is for me the best place to escape the world because of its furniture, appearance and privacy.

The first reason why my room is the best escape the world is its furniture. The whole furniture and equipment of my room is convenient and comfortable. For example, sofa is big enough for sleeping and also relaxing. It is soft, orange and it is made of quality material. The sofa is under the window because the window offers enough day light during reading magazines or studying. The sofa is next to the bed-side table with three drawers. It is convenient because I can put a book or a cup of coffee on it. Above the sofa and bed-side table is a shelf. There are books, CDs and some talismans on it. Two wardrobes are on the right side of the room. There is also an armchair on that side. It´s color is the same like sofa and there sits a big brown plush bear. If I am in a bad mood, I put the bear down, sit on the armchair, put my legs up on the bear and think about better future. The radio which is on a shelf above the armchair is always on because I love music. A table with a computer which is necessery for studying is on the left side of the room. When I feel alone and need to speak with whoever, I like chatting and sending e-mail to my frineds. Next to the table is a standing lamp which offers enough light, so I can study during nigh hours. All in all, my room is the best escape the world because it offers comfort and place of the furniture is convenient.

Next, my room is the best escape of the world because of its appearance. The room is big with one window and balcony. When I have a bad day, I go on the balcony, breath fresh air and observe the hills in front of me. It always helps me to feel better. The floor in the room is covered with thick light green carpet. I like lying on it because it is comfortable and warm. I like cheerful colors, so everyone of the four walls in the room are painted by different colors. The right wall is yellow, the front wall is light orange, the left wall is painted with light green color, and the back wall is light blue. Moreover, the cushions on the sofa have these colors, too. Cheerful colors make me calm, so whenever I see them, I feel much better. In sum, the best escape of the world is my room because it looks nice and seems calm to me.
The third reason why my room is the best escape in the world is privacy. The room is not next to the corridor, so I am not bothered by sounds and voices. Also the door is thick, so no voices behind the door disturb me and I do not disturb my roommates while I am singing and listening to loud music. Moreover, none of my roommates can come there without knocking on the door. Thus, I study and read on the calm place without bothering from outside. Since I have a TV there, I can watch it alone without arguing about programs with my roommates. Because of these reasons, my room is the best place for keeping privacy.
In sum, I enjoy of my escape. I am the queen of my room. My room is the best place to escape the world because of it´s comfort, nice furniture and it keeps privacy. It is a very pleasant place to be there not only during bad days, but also during common days.
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