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Dear Sir/Madam,
I decided to write this letter, because I am worried about air pollution and I think we must solve this problem, because it is important for us.
Our area is polluted and we need help. Cars and your factory called SUPRA cause air pollution and we must stop it, We are breathing the air which is bad for us, because it is polluted. Our health depends on the cleanness of the air.
It would be the best, if you close your factory, but I do not inquire it, because the factory is important for production of paper and many people would lose work.. In my opinon, you should provide more perfect system to filtrate flake ashes.
Cars pollute the air too and I decided to go on foot or by bicycle. Please do something with this problem. If problems exist, we must solve them.
Yours faithfully

Lenka Marenčíková

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