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Do violent movies and games cause aggressive behavior?

Nowadays we live in a science world and in our steps we can see and feel how much we were affected by media or technology.
Also the influence of television on children has always been a question. Children begin watching television from near infancy and they are exposed to the cartoons and other programs more than to any other medium. They use TV for fantasy, diversion, but in fact they believe what they see on TV, because they don’t recognize the difference between the reality and the pretend until the age of 5 or 6.

And there’s a question: What is good for them? What they have or can see and what do not?
Nearly 3000 studies around the world have found a connection between real violence and television. The more violent program the child watched, the more aggressive they were. There are also findings that recently the games have a direct influence on such behavior. Children learn by observing the world around them and when they see a real person or a Playstation character doing aggressive things, undoubtedly, it can increase their aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior.

So, these may be more harmful than violent films, because are interactive and the child can identify himself with the character - it is more active medium and later people can be less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others, they can think that violence means to solve problems and competition is the only way how to succeed. In addition, TV often presents absurd situations and cartoons without dialogs and articulations for the small human beings, only some noises as uuu, fuu, iii, and the children is watching passively, so it has an education impact - in vocabulary and later for heavy TV viewers some years later impacts in reading comprehension.

Maybe we can focus on teenagers who turn on the TV or PC when they get home from school. They absorb facts contained in programs or video games more than they do from books – also more effectively and very often are reducing importance or interpersonal relationships but sometimes they watched only for escape and relaxation.

On the other hand these media can have also a positive influence and make the history alive or science more fascinating.
In conclusion, I would like to say, that some effects we can prove, others we can not. But all I have mentioned holds on our culture, our society is changing, and I think that not for better. There’s a powerful influence in the lives of children and their minds are in young age so fertile, that is better to fill them with knowledge and not a mindless nonsense as Pokemons.

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