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Charities are various organizations, which help people in need. These organization don’t only help people, but also tortured animals, children from poor countries, people from developing countries – from countries, where there is lack of food, they help children, whose parents don‘t have money for their education, help people with serious incurable diseases, such as cancer, AIDS. They also help countries stricken by catastrophes (tsunami). One of such very important organizations here in Slovakia is Liga proti rakovine (League against cancer). Each year this organization organizes an annual public charity event called the Daffodil Day. Our school takes part in this event. Students voluntarily walk around the town, schools, offices, among people and give away yellow daffodils, which are the symbol of this foundation. For the daffodils they can pay a voluntary contribution. The sum is individual. This event is very successful. The proceedings are divided between people, who suffer from cancer – in the form of medication and equipment purchases.

I participate on this event together with my schoolmates – we buy daffodils and collect financial gifts for the sick, because I think that the vicious cancer is everybody’s business. I think that the most help is needed by charities helping tortured children countries, with occurring natural catastrophes, and people with incurable diseases. I think this because children are our future, they are innocent and it is not their fault that the world is bad and unfair towards them. It is the same with people, who live in countries with occurring catastrophes. Not even mentioning the sick. Often, people cannot do anything about their destinies. Charities organize various concerts to gain money, which are attended by famous people to attract more visitors. Charities sell various postcards – for example in our town it is Sloboda zvierat (The freedom for animals). Various money collection events are organized. Contributions by SMS messages are very popular. Many people have contributed for the renewal of Vysoke Tatry (The High Tatra), when they were destroyed by a blizzard. I think that money gained in the charity events are just a small compensation for people’s suffering. No money can compensate children’s childhood, sick people’s health and won’t return the homes to people in Asia.
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