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In London are parks, double decker buses, skyscrapers, demonstrations, Tower, Trafalgar Square, the Buckingham Palace and traffic... In London is very pollution.

The Tower of London
In 1674 some workmen in the Tower of London found the skeletons of two children under a staircase. Most historians think that they are the bone of the two young princes, Edward and Richard, were the sons of King Edward IV. When King died in 1483, the elder of the two brothers, Edward, aged 13, became King Edward V. But two months later, Richard, who was the princes̀̀̀ uncle and ̀̀“protector“, sent the boys to the Tower of London. This was in June. No one saw the two princes alive again. In the same month, Richard became King Richard III. Historians also believe that the boys died of suffocation and that their uncle Richard gave the order to murder them because he wanted to be king.
Trafalgar Square
This is where people demonstrate.
The Buckingham Palace
The Buckingham Palace is where the Queen lives. There is chang the quard.
Traffic in London
In London traffic double decker buses or underground.

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