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My ideal place for a holiday

My ideal place for a holiday is in Greece with my mather, father and my dog , but I was there only with children's summer camp. Greece is situated in the south Europe near Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian Sea. In Greece the sea is very cleen, but there are very small beaches. Beaches are stony. It is a very pretty country, which is situated in the very pretty environment. The sleep on the beach is very good, especially when you can go to the sea straight after you get up. The weather is very hot, it almost doesn't rain there. There are many shops with souvenirs and postcards.

But the best about Greece is ice-cream, which they have in many flavours. They all look delicious and you can't resist. The capital of Greece, Athens, is a very pretty city, with beautiful historical monuments - with Acropola. Acropola is very big and very beautiful building. On the Acropola is a temple of god Pallas Athena - Perthenon. You should visit Greece.

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