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Clothes and fashion have always been important for people. It’s a big business. Fashion designers, models, managers and dress-makers make lot of money. Today the fashion is changing faster than before. New trends, styles and new materials keep falling in. During ancient times, there were first real materials for making clothes. Later the whole dressing was more difficult. The textile industries have great importance because it lets us to make much more comfortable clothes. The invention of sewing, zip and button has provided bigger scale of possibilities for fashion.
People have different thought to fashion. Some have an excellent taste in dress and are always dressed perfectly, especially women. Fashion includes not only clothes but also hair style, make-up, and accessories, e.g. shoes, handbags, gloves, belts, hats, ties, coronets or glasses. These things complete clothes. Just look around Slovakia. Every second shop is Boutique or something like that. It’s like a drug here and some people are depending on it. I don’t like the whole “hello“about the fashion.

What is fashion?
So, people have different attitude to fashion. But what is fashion? It’s an important thing in modern society. Each person has his own style and taste. We will rarely find two people who agree on every detail of their clothes. People wear clothes according their taste, mood and character. Everybody wants to look good. It’s quite difficult to get dressed well, because they should be well combined. Some people have excellent taste in dress and are always dressed perfectly, others are dressed anyhow. Fashionable trends are imitated in the entire world. Nowadays you can wear practically everything.
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