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20th century fashion
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- Before the first World War fashion did not change very quickly. Man woredark suits. They had short hair and moustaches were popular. Women wore long dresses with a very narrow waist. They had long hair.
- In the Roaring Twenties dresses and hair became much shorter. People saw women’s knees for the first time. A straight figure with no waist or bust was fashionable. Men wore trousers with very wide legs called Oxford Bags.
- In the 1930s and 40s hair, dresses, and coats became longer again. Man’s fashion didn’t change very much. Men wore a suit, a tie, and usually hat, too. Moustaches went out of fashion.
- In the 1950s people were richer and teenager spent a lot of money on clothes. Men wore long jackets in very bright colours – pink, orange, or yellow – and very tight trousers.For women jumpers and blouses with wide skirt amn short shocks were the fashion. Both men and women wore shoes with long pointed toes.The women’s shoes had high stiletto heels.

- The 1960s were the time of mini-skirt and long boots. For the first time in the twentieth century men had long hair – the famous Beatle haircut.
- In the late 1960s and the early 70s the colourful hippy style was in. Women wore loose maxi – skirt or maxi – dresses. Men wore jeans and brightly coloured shirts or T – shirts. Very long hair was fashionable for man and women, and became more common.
- The late 70s brought teenegers with punk hairstyles in red, blue, purple, and green, and brightly colured makeup.
- In the late 1980s and early 90s loose, casual, clothes were in fashion – baggy tousers, a loose sweatshirt, and a baseball cap. Sports clothes like tracksuit and trainers were very fashioanble too.
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