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Hobbies, Free Time and Lifestyle
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Free time or leisure time is very important in today’s stressed out world. It’s a time when you can literally do anything. Many people spend the time for entertainment but it’s also good for relaxation. There are many leisure activities out there. Usually people do sports. They can choose from a wide range of indoor or outdoor sports. It just depends on one’s taste. Statistics show that many young men prefer playing soccer or tennis whereas ladies prefer sports like biking, hiking or playing volleyball Sports are very good for getting rid of stress and bad thoughts. You also burn a lot of calories. You feel wonderful afterwards and you are ready to face the daily problems of your life with a clean mind..

Of course many people prefer a rather more easy way to spend their free time. In front of a TV or a computer. There is no doubt that TV and computer are a huge benefit nowadays for making our life easier but many scientific researches show that its unhealthy to sit in front of a TV or a computer more than 2 hours a day. Activities which you keep on doing regularly become later hobbies. It’s good to have a hobby; they keep you occupied and make you feel good. A hobby doesn’t need to have something in common with sports. You can collect objects of interests, this includes stamps, coins, bottles, stickers, flags and of course many more. Life offers many incredible possibilities. It would be a pity not to choose something what is close to you and your personality.
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