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Towns and Places
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There are many places and towns on earth which are wonderful and amazing. On the other hand there are many places and towns which are not so pleasant for visiting. The sad thing is that these places take up most of the parts of the world. But you have to agree with me that the best place for each of us is our own home.

The place where we spend most of our time with our friends, family and relatives, in the course of time becomes our hometown. We usually find a job here and we are likely to get married her also. According to the statistics more than 60% people get married in their hometown.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of living in crowded places such as towns, cities or places like the countryside. There are many advantages of living in the farmland including less crowded areas or the wonderful fresh air. If you like animals too then it’s a perfect place to find out more about different kinds of animals living in the near wild. Of course there are some disadvantages too. Many countryside people are vicious and your farm may become the envy of all the people out there. There’s a lack of huge shopping malls what makes your life stressful and everything seems so far away. In my opinion life in a town is much easier and entertaining. I think you can find more free time here for your different kinds of activities.

My conclusion is that everyone should find their own place where they want to spend their lives with their closest ones, but it’s very important not to forget what place you were born in or raised by your family.
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