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Slovak Customs and Traditions
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Slovakia is a country simply rich in history and culture. There are lots of Slovak traditions so I can’t mention all of them therefore I’ll pin point out some of the most important ones to Slovakian people. The most valuable tradition is the Christmas tradition.

Christmas in Slovakia isn't too different from what most Europeans and North Americans are used to. Even Saint Nicholas appears in his traditional red suit. However, the Slovak Santa Claus does not arrive the night before Christmas, but on December 6; accompanied by an angel and a devil, who asks the children if they have been good or bad. Children, of course, say they have been good, and are rewarded with candy or cookies by the angel. Cooking for Christmas dinner begins about two weeks later. Traditionally, the big feast day is saved for Christmas day. A carp is served in a sweet black sauce, along with fried fish and fish soup.
In many homes, a bell rings to announe the arrival of "baby Jesus," who places gifts under the Christmas tree. After dinner, the family gathers around the tree to open presents. Christmas dinner is the big feast, with roast goose with dumplings and sauerkraut or a roast suckling pig.

Ceremonial dishes are an important part of the traditions of the nation. They are to ensure wholeness of the family, health, sufficiency of food, and love and are to protect against evil. “The most Slovak“ meals are considered to be gnocchi with brynzaand potato pancakes, prepared according to regional traditions. Brynza is a traditional Slovak sheep cheese fo mild consistency, which can be easily spread. Producers of brynza in Slovakia use a unique technique of its production within the European Union. Growing wine has also long been a tradition in Slovakia. First records on growing vinw were mentioned at the beginning of our era and are connected with the name Marcus Aurelius. In Slovakia, tradition is also kept alive in the form of music and dance. Slovakia is a beatiful country and as you can see it has so many things to offer its visitors.
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