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Ernest Hemingway: A Farewell To Arms
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A farewell to Arms is my first book I read by this author. I got to be honest and say I was not very thrilled when I heard we are going to read a book by Ernest Hemingway, but when I started reading I was pleasantly surprised, I was actually more and more liking it. I am usually reading books from realism, the form and language of those books are very difficult to understand and the text is usually very perplexing, so therefore I was really fascinated when I got to read this book, because the language and the form was very understandable and enjoyable. The author also often uses different Italian expressions, tenente = lieutenant. As I mentioned before the main character Henry is the narrator. Hemingway uses clear and comprehensible language in the text. It is really a pleasure to read. You can find here the use of inner monologue, for example; "Ach môj Bože, prosím, nedopusť, aby mi zomrela. Urobím pre teba všetko" pg. 213. You can also find lots of different symbols throughout the writing like for example; snow and winter, which contrast the hot, dust-filled battlefield. [„...vyhodilo ma to do vzduchu, keď sme jedli syr...“, pg. 64] – That was the situation when the accident happened Henry

I also liked that Hemingway actually wasn't forcing the romanticism in his novel. The story plot is linear, thus I was reading the book with great enthusiasm. Hemingway uses also humor in his novel, which can be spotted for example in Henry's dialogue with Miss Van Campen. This book is full of deepest detail descriptions of different situations which were for me interesting to read because of the simple sentences.

It’s very important to mention something about the connection between Frederic and Catherine. Their relationship went through different changes from the beginning to the end.
Frederic was taking her like just a temporary entertainment. It can be spotted for example in this quotation: “.....Bozkal som ju na obidve zatvorené oci. Zazdalo sa mi ,že mozno je trochu strelená. Čo na tom , ak je. Na tom nezáleží, do čoho idem. Toto je lepšie než chodiť každý večer do bordelu pre dôstojníkov.....Vedel som, ze Catherine Barkleyovu nemám rád, ani som nepomýšľal, že ju budem mať rád. Toto je hra ako bridž....”, pg. 27.

Well, then throughout the book his feelings are slowly changing and actually he falls in love. You can see it in this citation:, “Keď som ju videl, zaľúbil som sa do nej. Všetko sa vo mne prevrátilo“....“Musíš ostať“, povedal som, “Ó ty si úžasná!“. “ Šialene som ju miloval. Nemohol som uveriť, že je naozaj tam, a pevne som ju držal pri sebe“....“Máš ma rád? Naozaj ťa mám rád“. “Zošalel som sa do teba. Poď, prosím! Počuj, ako nám bijú srdcia!”, pg. 75. So what is actually the theme of this masterpiece?

A Farewell to Arms is an anti-war novel. The author wanted to express the futility of the war; he labeled the war as a symbol of total chaos, unnecessary dying and destroying human values in contrast with love.

So what do I think about the novel?
At the beginning I didn’t want to read a book by Hemingway, because I thought that all books from that period of time, which I read, were boring and written almost in the same way. I was really surprised when I started reading this one. I have to say it was much easier to understand and the story line was really easy to follow. This author made an incredible impression on me and I can’t wait to get to read his other pieces.
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