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Francis Scott Fitzgerald: The Great Gatsby
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Francis Scott Fitzgerald is recognized as the finest writer in American literature in the 20th century. He is the author of many excellent writings. The most honoured ones are:
This Side of Paradise – Táto Strana Raja, Tender Is the Night – Nežná Je Noc, Last Tycoon - Posledný Magnát , Tales of the Jazz Age – Poviedky Jazzového Veku, Flappers and Philosophers – Žabce a Filozofi, The Beautiful and Damned - Krásni a Zatratení, The Great Gatsby – Veľký Gatsby and of course many more. He also wrote many screenplays and he is the author of more than 150 short stories.

Now I will start with analyzing the novel The Great Gatsby
Character analysis:

Nick Carraway - is the novel’s narrator. Because he is the storyteller it is very hard to understand his character completely. He gives us only impression of himself that he would like to give. From the beginning Nick holds himself in higher esteem than the other characters in the novel. He is honest, responsible, tolerant and fair-minded. Throughout the book you can sense that the only person, who he envies, is Gatsby. Jay Gatsby – is the novel's title character and its protagonist. At the beginning he is described as a mysterious, fantastically wealthy young man. Later on his true side is exposed and we learn his real name (James Gatz) and his origin. He is famous for the extravagant parties he throws every Saturday night. Nick finds out that Gatsby made his fortune through criminal activity, as he was willing to do anything to gain the social position he thought necessary to win Daisy – Gatsby’s love from earlier years.

Daisy Buchanan – is Nick's cousin, and the woman Gatsby loves. She fell in love with Gatsby and promised to wait for him. However, Daisy harbors a deep need to be loved, and when a wealthy, powerful young man named Tom Buchanan asked her to marry him, Daisy decided not to wait for Gatsby after all. She is sardonic, a bit cynical, careless and immature. She's trapped in a marriage that she is unhappy in and trapped in a world where she has no chance to be free or independent.

Tom Buchanan – is Daisy's wealthy husband. He is an arrogant, hypocritical vicious bully.
His racism and sexism are characteristic of his deep insecurity about his own elevated social position. He is having an affair, which he makes no attempt to keep secret. Tom is just the bad guy in this story.

He is the antagonist of the novel.
Jordan Baker - Daisy's friend, a woman with whom Nick becomes romantically involved during the course of the novel. She has been born with money and has lived in a culture full of money and has been spoiled by it. She is a professional golfer who cheated in order to win her first tournament. She is extremely cynical.
This is my first book I read by this author and I have to say that this book was more thrilling than Hemingway's Farewell To Arms. Yes, The Great Gatsby is a love story like Farewell to Arms, but the most interesting parts for me were, the descriptions of the individual spoiled personalities. It was interesting to follow the development of these characters and to see how their status in society actually modifies them. The first pages of the book weren’t that interesting, but then couple of pages further, I got use to the language and I was really enjoying it. I could feel some type of gradation because I was very impatient and wanted to know what is going to happen next. If I compare this writing to Hemingway’s works, then the most significant difference is that Fitzgerald uses lot of detail descriptions on everything. I thing though, in general, that Fitzgerald‘s language is very similar to Hemingway’s natural language. Fitzgerald uses symbolism in his work, but not in that range as Hemingway does.
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