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Jerome David Salinger: The Catcher in the Rye
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Jerome David Salinger is a representative of American literature. He became famous for writing his first great novel The Catcher in the Rye, which I will discuss right now. First I have to say that Salinger is also the author of many other writings like:

A Boy in France – Chlapec vo Francúzsku, Nine Stories – Deväť Poviedok, Blue Melody – Modrá Melódia, Down at the Dinghy – Pri Ľoďke, Hapworth 16 1924 - Hapworth 16 1924, I'm Crazy – Som Blázon, The Laughing Man – Smejúci sa Muž, Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters - Zdvihnite vysoko povalovaný trám, tesári, Seymour: An Introduction - Seymour: Úvod, The Stranger - Cudzinec, This Sandwich Has No Mayonnaise – Sendvič je bez majonézi , The Varioni Brothers – Bratia Varioni, Franny and Zooey – Franny a Zooey. He is also an author of many short stories, which were published in different magazines during the 1940’s.

Now I will start analyzing the novel The Catcher in the Rye

Character Analysis:
Since there are lots of characters which appear throughout the book, I will just mention the main characters. Holden Caulfied – is the narrator and main character. He is a 16 year old student who was expelled due to bad results at his school Pencey in Pennsylvania. It may look as if he was stupid but he is not, he is just too lazy to study. On one side he acts like a tough guy, he drinks, smokes and swears throughout the entire book but on the other, he is very sensitive and emotional inside. He also tries to behave politely. His mind and feelings are very unbalanced. He doesn’t know what he wants to achieve, doesn’t know which way is the right way for his life. His behavior is unpredictable. Once his behavior is childish and sometime he acts like a grown-up. Holden is disgusted by the world he lives in and he demonstrates his aversion towards adults. During his wandering throughout the city he repeatedly thinks about his sister Phoebe and his younger brother who is dead. This shows us how much he actually cares about them and that there is a very strong bond with his sister.

Phoebe Caulfield – is Holden’s sister. She is very intelligent, smart, cute and joyful. She loves Holden very much and she wants only the best for him. There is a very strong connection between them. Holden feels very satisfied when she is around; he knows that she understands him and that she will be there always for him. Phoebe acts more mature than him. She is emotional and good-hearted.

With her around he can actually be himself, be relaxed and don’t have to act in the dishonest way, in which he acts everyday in this rotten world.

This book is a bit different compared to other pieces of American literature which I read recently and therefore it makes it a really interesting one to read. The whole story is about an emotionally unbalanced 16-year old teenager, Holden Caulfield, who is searching for the meaning of life and criticizes the disgusting, dishonest world of adults. Holden tells us everything that happened during 3 days after he had been expelled from the Pencey Prep School in Pennsylvania. Salinger uses clear and comprehensible language in the text. It is really a pleasure to read because the language is written in American English. The teenager is the narrator therefore there are many slang words appearing in the text including swear words too. I like this book also because the author lets you immerse deeply into the character’s personality and mind. His thoughts and ideas are thoroughly portrayed and really fun to read.
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