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Living in the country
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Living in a country has both advantages and disadvantages. One advatage is that people in the countryside are friendly, jolly, helpful and nice. They raise animals and than they realise the products, so they save some money. Usually you have good neighbourhood. Another point is that you have more peace and what is more, when you want to relax, you can gardening or pottering in the garden, walking in the forest or just sitting in a bench. People are easeful, because their life isn´t so hectic. All in all country life is charming for people who love nature, fresch air and peace.

However, for every plus there is a minus. One disadvatage is that everybody know you and somebody are gossig about you and your family. So you haven ´t privancy. For another thing, people must travel to wrok in the town and their children too. So you need own car. In my opinion it it very stressful and offen the children have less change of a good education and successful career. Another point is that they have less efficient services- few shops, none hospital- doctor, muddy streets and bed transport. Especially the buses run less frequently that in the city or town. Last of all, in spite of all the nature and peace the life in the country is boring.

To sum up, in my opinion country life can be lovely to family with small children and old people, who don´t like noise, traffic jams, crowds and busting city. But who want to have a career, beautiful large flat, good education, better suplies in schops and cottage in a countryside, that must live in the town.
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