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My country

My country is small but developed country. Slovakia is very nice country on which is a lot of university. General towns are having more university than city. In my town Humenné is not university but in nearly town for example Michalovce, Košice and Prešov are many universities. Another kind education in my country is going to university or start working.

Some students go to university. Student who wants to study there has to have school leaving examination, which qualifies them for university studies. Students have to pass an entrance exam before studying at university. University education includes the study at Universities, Technical Universities, Economical Universities and Colleges, art Academies where students take various degrees. Study can last for 3 years and then you have degree of bachelor. When you study for 5 years you have degree “Ing” or “Mgr”. When you want to have degree of doctor you have to study for least 6 years. This is the school system in Slovakia.
I want after finishing study go to university and then I want to work.

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