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Envy as an ulcer
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You may know what is happening in your brain when you know someone who has everything you have ever wanted. You are envious. You know you cannot alleviate it, so you are not trying to; it is something what comes in natural way. It is just like me. I am satisfied here in the USA, but I know a girl living in other part of this country at the moment. We e-mail each other a lot. She lives in a big house right at the beach with rich host family, that allows her to do everything she wants to, she has lots of cool American friends and goes to party every week. She is just enjoying America. I can’t stop myself being envious after I read her e-mail about her exciting life there. I know I live here well, I heard lots of bad cases of exchange students and I even cannot compare myself with them but still I am not satisfied with the way everything has been but I should be. As I mentioned sometimes we are just not able to control things and feelings we would like to…
Envy is often mistaken with jealousy as a synonym. Undoubtedly, it is false, cause we know there is an analogy between them but they do not mean the same. Jealousy causes fear, that we will lose something we have, but on the other hand, envy activates sorrow, that someone else has something, we don’t. As the definition in dictionary says: “Greedy desire for someone’s property or qualities.

” Envy is an unfavorable attitude caused by taking a look at advantages others are enjoying. An unknown author said:’’ The only person worth envying is the person who does not envy.’’ As far as I am concerned, I can definitely say that everyone has been envious at least once, so we have to confess that envy has become a natural, mundane feeling, how many movies, songs are using the meaning of envy as an interesting idea. In addition also murders are sometimes happening because of this deadly sin. We cannot even count it. I read some opinions that western civilization has brought this highly abnormal feel to the world, as far as I am concerned I cannot agree at all. To be envious is as old as civilization itself. Even Socrates once wrote: “Envy is the ulcer of the soul”. For example the story of Troy, was Helen’s destiny influenced by desire, love, anger, lust, rivalry, need, and jealousy? Who knows, but we can definitely say that those are all components of envy. On the other hand the story of The Lord of the Rings is a fiction but everyone’s desire for the Ring accurately represents danger of being envious. This abstraction might be very rough for people who feel it, but has anybody ever been covetous toward you? Hasn’t it been a great feel? “Envy eats us”-this is the worst aspect of its consequences-ANGER, but on the other hand I believe that there is something useful. I believe that RIVALRY makes you try harder and get further. In today’s world people don’t care as much as before. We turn green, cause this generation is competitive and if there is anybody who is doing better than us we either can be envious or let you be “eaten alive” or try harder to advance. Guess which way is less difficult.

To be satisfied is harder than we might expect, but we must at least try only because we can live just once and to spend our life by feeling this is waste of time. And to spend the best time in my life here with thinking how it should have been, can be even worse for me.
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