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my person, my hobby

My name is ................., I live in ............ in house.
I like listening music especially rock.
I like traditional Slovak food as halušky prepared in many ways.
I like some sports as cyking, swimming and in winter skiing. Skiing is for my wery fun. In summer I going biking. Biking is my great hobby.I am going swimming to swimming pool almost every week.
I likeanimals. I like shooting pictures with animals especially pets as dogs and cats.

My great hobby is football.
I do not collect anything, but when i was younger i collecd post stamps.
I like computers and i want work with them.
I like every good film. I like going to cinema with my friends a last time I was for one bombastic film. Its name was The Matrix revolutions. I like films like that film, but I like funny films too.
I saw Tv as many peple.And my gereat hobby is sleep.

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