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Roald Dahl: Charlie and the chocolate factory
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Children are allowed to bring with them either one or two members of their own family to look after them. The four tickets were soon found by four not very well behaved children. There was a very little chance that Charlie could find the last one. Once, when Charlie was walking back home, he found a fifty-pence piece. He decided to buy one luscious bar of chocolate and eat it all up and to take the rest of the money straight back home and give to his mother. But as he was extremely hungry, he bought one more bar of the chocolate.
Charlie picked it up and tore off the wrapper . . . and suddenly . . . from underneath the wrapper . . . there came a brilliant flash of gold.
Charlie's heart stood still.
'It's a Golden Ticket!' screamed the shopkeeper, leaping about a foot in the air. 'You've got a Golden Ticket! You've found the last Golden Ticket! Hey, would you believe it! Come and look at this, everybody! The kid's found Wonka's last Golden Ticket! There it is! It's right here in his hands!'

When Charlie came home, initially nobody believed. But it was truth. Charlie was the last owner of the Golden ticket. The great day was the first day in the month of February. And that was already the next day! The family decided that grandpa Joe will go with Charlie, because he was the oldest one in the family and he seemed to know more about Willy Wonka’s chocolate than the others did.
The factory was more incredible that anyone could imagine. The bigger part of the factory was under the ground, because there was not enough space for it on the surface. In the factory there worked the "Oompa Loompas"- a group of people from Loompaland who agreed to shift and become Wonka's workforce because of his ability to supply unlimited quantities of their greatest delicacy, the cocoa bean, the raw ingredient in chocolate.
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