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Roald Dahl: Charlie and the chocolate factory
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In the factory there were many extraordinary things and rooms, like the chocolate river, the inventing room or a storage that stored hair cream. But there was not enough time to see everything. By the time, four children misbehaved one by one and ended up in bizarre, near-fatal predicaments, which required removing them from the group.
Augustus Gloop, an enormously fat glutton, was drinking from a lake of chocolate when he was sucked up by one of the pipes leading to the Fudge Room. Violet Beauregarde, who has chewed the same piece of gum for months, tried an experimental piece of three-course-dinner gum and turned into a giant blueberry. Veruca Salt, a spoiled brat whose rich father gives her anything she wants, was thrown down a garbage chute by squirrels trained to find and get rid of the "bad nuts". Mike Teevee, who spends all day watching Westerns on television, was miniaturized by a television camera designed to deliver candy bars by television.
At the end only Charlie left. It is revealed that the lottery was a ploy for Willy Wonka to choose his successor. As the last Golden Ticket winner left standing, Charlie inherits the whole factory.

Charlie: He was a young boy came from a poor family. He really liked chocolate, but his family could afford to buy him it only once a year. Charlie is the kind, sweet, caring boy most children's book heroes are.

Mr. Willy Wonka: An eccentric owner of the magnificent candy factory.
And what an extraordinary little man he was!
He had a black top hat on his head.
He wore a tail coat made of a beautiful plum-coloured velvet.
His trousers were bottle green.
His gloves were pearly grey.
And in one hand he carried a fine gold-topped walking cane.
Covering his chin, there was a small, neat, pointed black beard — a goatee. And his eyes — his eyes were most marvellously bright. They seemed to be sparkling and twinkling at you all the time. The whole face, in fact, was alight with fun and laughter.

Atmosphere: At the beginning of the book there was an atmosphere of poverty, but when they were in the factory, there was an atmosphere of marvellous place, you could feel like you were in the other, very pleasant world. I guess that many readers of this book ate a chocolate during the reading this book.

Narrator: The narrator is in the third person (probably the author himself). He is everywhere, where Charlie occurs, so we know only that, what happen in Charlie’s surroundings. He is objective and gives us some information, like characterizations of persons or some story information.

What was interesting for me: Actually, there wasn’t anything interesting for me in this book. Very superficial story, without a real plot, almost everything was easy to predict. I think it is suitable for kids, but not for me. Despite I did not understand some words, this book is quite easy to read, so I recommend it to someone, who really likes fairy-tales.
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