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Why do so many people do things at last moment
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Why? I don’t know why. It is hard to speak about this theme. We people are very interesting and complicated being. Each one of us is different and it is not easy to say: Why do so many people do things at last moment. But I will write about two problems that I can see.

How to start this essay? In the last roughly 20 years we live in the high tempo. We have little time. We sleep not enough. We are always tired, nervous and not effective. We live in 21st century and everywhere we will look there are shops, cinemas, shopping centrums and so on. So when we have time to do something we are tired or lazy, because we want to take a rest. There in these modern places we spent our free time. I like these places because there is always to do something and there are so many people. Our family goes each week to the Aupark shopping Centrum or in Avion. There goes my mother shopping and I go with my sister on the playground. Shopping centrums are good to spend free time during the winter or rainy days. I am glad that also in Slovakia we have places like shopping centrums and cinemas. But there is also one big disadvantage. It is true that in these shopping centrums we have fun, but I think we spend there very much time. This time is of course free but in the past we spent it with work. I think there is problem. We spend time with fun and things that we have to do are not so “important”.
And second problem why do so many people do things at last moment is that, that some people likes do things in the thrill. It is also my case. Maybe it is funny but I am not able to do something when I know that I have enough time. This problem is every time when I have to pack up on holiday. I am packing up at last moment or one or two hour before departure. This problem I can see also when I have homework. For example this essay I am writing on Saturday, it is two days before I have dead line. I don’t know why I am writing this essay so late and in thrill. I had all spring holiday to write essay but I had always “little” time. Also when I do things at last moment, I will do these things better and in smaller time, like I have enough time.

When I have started write this essay I sad that this theme is very difficult and time-consuming to write. Yes, it is difficult but there I found my defect and I will improve it.
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