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A weekend without shop is no fun!
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A weekend without shopping is no fun, it is true! And I explain a reason why I say this. You imagine that is a weekend and you sit at home and bored. What will you do? Program at television is no good, your friedns aren´t at home and you think - is a weekend and you´re at home - it is no normal.
I can say that the best activities which you can do at the weekend is your time spend in to the shop. And why? Because in shop are a lot of people, mayby you will meet your friends or other nice people, you have got an enought time to buy some clothes.
I reckon, that time which you spend in to the shop is very good cause how to spend your time.

But exist other opportunity that every shops are closed at the weekend - I can´t imagine this abbility. You haven´t got food, your household is without sweet, chocolate, cofe and suddenly your friends visit you. What do you do? I can say that you go to the shop and you buy chocolate, crisps, cakes, Coca-cola, . . . because you don´t want to your friends think about you that you´re a bad landlord or landlady. It´s fun when you run into the shop and you do bigger shop for a short time. You can live an adventure and purchase will be in the future a sport.

I can say that I don´t live without shops and shops which will be close during the week-end. When all shops in housing estate where I live will be close I will crazy because shops are a place where young people like spending your free time because they meet other people, they can see a new and modern clothes, they have an opportunity to taste different foods in the supermarket or hypermarket because there are an acivities when people can taste new product in the market.
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