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Ezops myth's

The Miser and the stone.
Once lived a rich man who was always afraid of being robbed. Therefore, one day he sold all his property and with money he got for it he bought a lump of gold. He the secretly buried the lump of gold.Every night he dug it up in ordert to feel its weight.One day the Tramp saw him and stole his gold, the miser wailed,when he discovered the gold had disappeared.“dont despair!“ a stone lying nearby spoke up. „ You haven’t lost anything“. If you put me into hole. You will have the same use.

The Lion and the Mouse.
A once day the lion caught the mouse. The mouse said him „please let me go, one day I will repay you.“ He let her go.Some time later ,hunters caught the lion in a net.Then the mouse came running up and began to gnaw the ropes.
Some time later, has the lion free.

The Wasp and the Snake.
A wasp setted on a snake’s head. Go away siad the snake.But the wasp stayed where she was. I will get rid of you, said Snake and began to slither towards a nearby road. He waited for one car and he put his head under the wheels.

The Ass in the Lion’s Skin.
Once exist one ass,he wanted be horrible. He clothes lion skin and ran of to the vilage to the field. A lion, lion people cried. But when a gust of wind blew the skin off the ass’s all peole were kicking him.

The Donkey’s Courage.
A hungry lion set out for a farmyard, hoping to catch something to eat. If he saw Donkey, He wanted eat him. At the moment the cock crowed. The lion ran out of the farmyard. The Donkey went in purshuit of the lion. And nothing was left of the conceited creature – not even his long ears.

The Oak and the Reed.
An oak and a reed were arquining who is the stronger. I am of course said oak. I have thick roots, a huge trunk and a branching crown. At once a terrible wind began to snap and uproot one tree after another and the oak too.

Once lived a rich man who had a large field. His poor neighbour had a little field. The rich man envied him it. The rich man bought a Fox and lashed piece of reeds on fox tail, lit it and sent the fox on neighbous’s field. But at that moment a dog leaped out in front of the fox. And in a moment has burnt his field.

The horse and the ass.
A man had a horse and an ass. One day , the man was returning wits them both from market, of course the ass has loaded everything what the man bought. Ass said horse“Wouldn’t you carry half of what I have on my back?
Thats your job said Horse. And the ass collapsed.And horse has had to draggle all marketing.

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