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Love story
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Bradley left Saskia because he had met another woman. He had wanted to make Saskia happy, but Bradley was the sort of man who is never happy with what he has got. Bradley had met Alessandra as she was leaving a London train station. She had just arrived from Italy, and was lost. Bradley asked her what was the time.
Began to see more of each other he asked to dinner. They had a lot of in common hobby. They liked eating American food and watching TV. After Bradley had got his divorce from Saskia he went to live with Alessandra. Alessandra wanted to go back to Italy because she wasn’t happy. At first, Bradley was happy. He was a writer, and could write just as well in Italy as in London. Sometimes, he had to fly back to London to meet Saskia, but he could not. Alessandra stayed in Italy because she didn’t want to come back to Bradley. His visits started to last longer and longer, because he didn’t want to leave.

One Saturday night, he was at a party given by some old friend. Suddenly, across the room, he caught sight of Alessandra with other man. She asked him what was he doing at this party. He told her that his old friends had invited him. They met a few days later in a Cheeky 89 tea bar. Bradley was beginning to realize that he had always loved Saskia, but he loved Alessandra. But it was difficult to persuade X that he was sincere to Alessandra.
Bradley thought that he was a very lucky man. He had nearly lost the person who meant more to him than anybody and anything else in the world. He looked down into Saskia´s eyes kissed her gently, and promised that this time it was forever.
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