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Natural mineral water Budis, which springs in the village Budis in Turcianska kotlina was already in 1573 by Benedictine monk Mikulas Pavol Brikcius. The attention of many important scientists and savants was drawn to this new discovery, even the one of Matej Bel 2 centuries later.

We can find out in his memoirs, that there wasn’t a single person in Turiec and its surroundings, who didn’t drink the water from Budis spring full of hope to get rid of any health problems this mineral water has become very popular with people, mainly because of its great flavor and refreshing influence on the whole body. For many years people from near and far were coming to this spring and drinking the water, because they liked it and they believed, that it will help them to stay healthy and it good condition.

The radical change came in the 1960. Springs B-1 and B-2 were drilled in Budis and geological research on its strength were made. The building of a filling factory and administrative buildings in Budis started in 1967 based on the results from the research. 10 years later the original springs were shut down for their low efficiency and instead of them new springs B-3 and B-4 were opened. These were soon used for filling of Západoslovenské žriedla Santovka, s.p.

Factory Budis was privatized in 1995 as 1 of 2 factories of Stredoslovenské pramene a zriedla, a.s..

The privatization brought a lot of perspective changes for the consumers. Another holes were drilled in Budis in 2000 – B-5 and B-6. 1 year later all of the production and employees in Budis joined the company of Slovenske pramene a zriedla, a.s. and became part of it.

In 1998 became the company of Slovenske pramene a zriedla holder of important European certificate of quality EN ISO 9001.2000 and in 2000 it obtained the certificate of the environmental managing system EN ISO 14001. Both certificate are granted by daughter company of German certificate company RWTUV e. V.Essen.
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