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The Immigrants
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The immigration is maybe one of the biggest problems of last fifteen years. Not only for Spain as the country, who receives the immigrants, but also for the immigrants as well. Every year, thousands of people, intend to cross the frontiers of Spain through legal or illegal way. Many of them risk their own life or get their families into debt for that purpose. They would do everything with the sole aim of improving the quality of their life. The question is: “Can they really achieve that?”
These persons turn into the cheap labors in our country. In the most of cases we use them for the kind of work, which we do not want to do. And without any sense of shame we offer them a wage, which is much lower than it should be. I am not pretending to say, that they are not satisfied with that situation. As far as economy and social security are concerned they are fairly better in our country than in their own countries.

But they have too many other problems. One of the most important problems is racialism. Spain is not a racist country. Or at least that was believed by the Spaniards few years ago. In the last years the general opinion about the immigrants has changed a lot. We can hear comments in very bad taste about the immigrants from Africa and South America more and more often. More and more often we can see looks of scare in the eyes of white skinned people, when they come to touch with somebody of the black skin.
¿Why is it like that?
¿What happens to us?
¿Are we becoming infected by the racist fear of USA?
Finally, the time will show us if we are enough intelligent to be able to live in one well-balanced society without reaching extremely serious case of racialism.
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